Services and Training

We have provided training, mentoring and coaching to many of the members of the virtual world community, especially in Decentraland.

We can help you incorporate our technology enhanced-feature modules, or 3rd party technologies, into your scene.

We provide consulting services on an hourly basis, or can provide a quote for a project.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss services or training
or any of our technical modules.

We also have provided a number of free training materials, which you are welcome to make use of…

Building Virtual Reality Scenes in Decentraland

This is a free, online course of about a dozen lessons, which starts assuming you know essentially nothing about building a Decentraland scene, and takes you through to a more advanced level of skills than many scene builders have. This can give you marketable skills, or allow you to build great, interactive scenes. It consists of lessons, step-by-step instructions, assignments, and video recordings of class sessions. One way to get to this course is through the following blog post in the Conference Center website:

Migrating DCL Scenes from SDK6 to SDK7 – A Tutorial for Scene Developers

The migration of SDK6 scenes to SDK7 is complicated.
This tutorial, with step-by-step instructions, tips and hints, and some “regex” examples to support making many changes at once in a scene.

Land Management Operations

This document has been used by many district leaders and others for performing the rather complex land token and estate token operations needed for managing large inventories of land. It contains worksheets that you can extract and use as step-by-step guides for various operations. And it has a link to the legacy Decentraland documentation on land management.–MESO1NwGBYnkiYouH2z4uRb9HU/

DCL Land Manager

This is a simple Web App that can greatly assist in doing either of the following things:

  1. Building a list of parcels for your scene.json file, but giving the boundary coordinates
  2. Building a list of LandIDs that you need for some Land Management Oprations, also based one boundary coordinates.

Our Public YouTube Videos about Decentraland

Videos for the online training course: