Applied Talent, LLC is a technology strategy, project management, and software development company focused on solving business problems using software, web, and work process innovations.   We are a distributed international team and can provide solutions anywhere.  We are headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Let us help you with your business technology needs...

  • Do you need to strengthen the strategic role of information and knowledge in your organization?
  • Do you have a critical business problem and need to figure out how new software or web applications could help to address it?
  • Do you need some help building a technical team, growing its leadership, or balancing inhouse and outsourced approaches?
  • Do you need a new web site or custom software application, but don't have the development team to build it?
  • Do you need to assure business continuity by migrating or modernizing a legacy application?
  • Do you need to revamp or extend your software to remain competitive, but your current technical staff doesn't have the time?
  • Do you provide IT services, but could use a partner for developing strategic plans and software development projects?

Applied Talent can provide strategy, management and development expertise to help you address these needs,

We can help you clarify how to solve the problem, recommend approaches, lay out a technology and development roadmap, put together a development resources as needed, and help you implement your solution.

Our leadership team has over 30 years experience in technology project management.  We draw upon both onshore and offshore talent as appropriate to the project.

We differentiate ourselves by

  • The quality of our consultation with you about your needs and how to address them
  • The breadth of the talent we can bring to bear in creating a solution
  • The flexibility of our approach in fitting your roadmap and budget

If you think we can help you analyze and address a business problem with a software solution, please contact us today to begin the conversation.