We have assisted many virtual land owners and other organizations with adding technology and services to their offerings. Here are some of our references.

Rizk Ghasaly
Metaverse Architect | B. Arch. M. Arch, Certified PMP
“I have had the privilege of working closely with Carl since 2019 in Decentraland, and his contributions have been invaluable. Carl, a seasoned leader with a wealth of experience, not only enhanced my technical knowledge but also added interactive capabilities to our projects. His strong technical acumen, exceptional people skills, and the ability to collaborate at all levels make him a standout leader in the tech world. Having collaborated with Carl over the past years, I anticipate our continued partnership in advancing the metaverse and web3 to deliver even greater value.”

Yaroslav Volovoj
Meta Ads Co-founder, CEO, Web 3.0 and Metaverse, Business developer, Commercial Real Estate Management

“I am writing to highly recommend Carl for his exceptional mentorship skills and expertise in the realm of metaverse development, specifically within the Decentraland platform.

As a member of our project team, Carl demonstrated an impressive level of responsiveness and a deep understanding of metaverses and their intricacies. His expertise in code development for metaverses is truly remarkable, and he was able to guide our team with precision and clarity.

With Carl’s guidance, our team was able to navigate the complex world of Decentraland product development with ease, and we achieved our project goals with great success. I have no doubt that any team would be lucky to have Carl as a mentor, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any future endeavors in the field of metaverse development.”

Nodo Ivanidze
CEO and Co-Founder at
I have worked with Carl, the head of Applied Talent, for several years, in conjunction with startups in the Metaverse space, especially regarding event hosting with Arrival, and regarding the MetaViu advertising platform in Decentraland. I have found Carl to have a depth of knowledge about the business and technology sides of startups and projects, and he can move back and forth between these areas, as well as working both high level as a business executive, and down to the way to code functionality in a scene. I have enjoyed working with Carl and will happily continue to do so going forward. I recommend him to anyone who needs a consultant or technology and services provider in this space.

3D Builder/ 3D Artist – MSC Distinction – BA Hons
“I am writing in regard of Carl Fravel – IT and Management professional, musician and artist, virtual experience builder, Baha’i.

I have worked both for and alongside Carl since late 2017. I have experienced nothing but both the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Always fairness and equal benefits has been my experience with Carl.

He has been a great mentor and friend over the years, he has guided me in building up my skills in coding to help display my 3D work in virtual worlds, which is what I have primarily focused on, this has benefitted me greatly in enhancing what I can accomplish.

Always demonstrating patience and dedication in the most challenging of times where others might have faltered.

I give my full support in whichever avenues Carl choses to down.”

Matt Wisdom
Building stuff. Formerly CEO of TurboSquid
“Our dev team grew in personnel and complexity when we incorporated an offshore component. Carl took the team and put discipline and process in place to streamline efficiency, and led the architectural changes that modernized our code while maintaining critical legacy elements. His nuanced sense of strategy, understanding of the development process, and personal leadership style are unmatched.”

Ron Cain
Sofware Architect
“I worked with Carl for a total of 4 years and would gladly work with him again anytime. He is the best technical manager I have worked with in 30 years. Skills include:
* Strong people skills
* Strong technical skills
* Strong ability to work across all levels within an organization and with customers
* Broad experience”

Michael Shulman
Technical Program Manager/Architect at Google
“Carl is an excellent example of a hands-on leader. He was able to quickly switch between “30,000 foot” business planning and making technical decisions of product design, and has the skills neccessary to do both tasks well.