Here are a few of our projects….

Decentraland Conference Center

A large and fully-featured virtual conference center, hosting events, film festival, parties, corporate meetings, and art exhibitions. Dozens of events have been hosted. Facilities include Theaters, Amphitheaters, Patio and Cafe, Music Venues, an Art Gallery, Vendor Expo, etc.
Applied Talent’s contribution:  Full design, implementation and operation.
Virtual Experience at:,100

MetaRizk projects

Rizk is a leading and award-winning virtual experience scene builder.
Applied Talent contribution: We add interaction and video technologies to Rizk’s virtual experiences, including the Rizk Gallery and a number of commercial developments

Aetherian Project

A large, cyber-punk / post-cyberpunk district in Decentraland, with scores of virtual experiences.
Applied Talent’s contribution:  Hosted a content contest which produced many scenes, and deployed many of them in Aetheria. Organized the creation of free 3D Cyberpunk content for the community to use. Development of district club prototype.  Community liaison. Public website creation.
Virtual Experience at:

Virtual Reality Shopping District

A major district in Decentraland, consisting of a central mall and many vendor exhibits.
Applied Talent Contribution:  Master plan, deployment of malls and grounds. Hosing of “Vendor Row” expo of Decentraland vendors, and a Vendor Conference, so vendors could show their wares and attract clients.
Virtual Experience at:,14

Decentraland Film Festival

A “Meta-Festival” of hosting real-world festivals to have a virtual-experience option. A number of film festivals, as well as “movie night” parties, have used the Star Cinema theater in the Decentraland Conference Center to provide an immersive 3D virtual movie experience, with scheduled and on-demand options
Applied-Talent contribution: Design and implementation of the entire theater experience, including ticketing, admission, movie catalog and controls, houselights, traffic and movie stats monitoring, all database-driven for rapid reconfiguration. Partnering with Pondweed Productions for the onboarding of many film festivals.
Virtual Experience:,101

Decentraland’s Original Fashion Show and Contest

On April 11, 2020, just two months after Decentraland went public, we hosted the community’s first Fashion Show and Fashion Contest, in the brand new Grand Theater in the Decentraland Conference Center. A large attendance, with many of the early innovations in wearables being shown to the public.
Applied-Talent contribution: Implementated of the entire interactive theater experience, including runway and a judges box. Provided free advertising banners for all the sponsoring organizations,

Online Training Course:
Building Virtual Reality Experiences in Decentraland

Contribution: Created a free, online course for artists and technologists to begin the journey of virtual experience creation. Many people have taken the course and gone on to make great Decentraland experiences.
Course Introduction: