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“Carl helped me define, specify, and produce a development plan for a complicated new medical patient services web application, from scratch. He then arranged for its successful implementation with a development team that he selected. The work was excellent, very much on-target, on time, and in budget. I would be happy to have Carl do future projects for me, and recommend him highly.”

Francis Kong, MD, Founder of MedSimple and EdgeOnCollege

“Carl ran an outsourced development project for my company to rework a large C++ point of sale application from single user to multiuser. This involved changing and refactoring most of the code and SQL. Carl’s work was technically excellent, and he also brought to the project strong planning, analytical, and management skills. He was also very careful in handling a legacy codebase upon which my company was dependent. I trust his work and approach greatly, and would be happy to have him run a project for me in the future.”

Joe Martinez, CEO, JMM Software

“I've worked with Carl at Borland, Synchron, and elsewhere. I've seen him excel at both the leadership and management required to create world class software development cultures. He understands the engineering process from creativity and inspiration to end-of-life, and the business processes required to make that work.”

David Levine, Principal Development Manager, Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft

“I worked with Carl for a total of 4 years and would gladly work with him again anytime. He is the best technical manager I have worked with in 30 years. He has strong people skills, strong technical skills, strong ability to work across all levels within an organization and with customers, and broad experience”

Ron Cain, Architect, Microsoft

“Our dev team grew in personnel and complexity when we incorporated an offshore component. Carl took the team and put discipline and process in place to streamline efficiency, and led the architectural changes that modernized our code while maintaining critical legacy elements. His nuanced sense of strategy, understanding of the development process, and personal leadership style are unmatched.”

Matt Wisdom, Chief Executive Officer, Turbo Squid, Inc.

“Carl is a well-reasoned technical leader who understands both the dynamics of communication and organizational structure to give great insights into managing highly technical people. Carl is also a very strong technical resource that has a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to almost any issue and help resolve it quickly and smoothly. I would definitely work with Carl again.”

Mike Rozlog, VP of Products, Convenos LLC

“Carl is an excellent example of a "hands-on" leader. He was able to quickly switch between "30,000 foot" business planning and making technical decisions of product design, and has the skills neccessary to do both tasks well.”

Michael Shulman, Sr. Program Manager, MSN Social and Community Platform, Microsoft

“As a project manager of an offshore outsourcing team, I worked with Carl while he was the Vice President of Engineering at TurboSquid. He is an invaluable mentor, always kind and helpful in many ways. I learned lots of management knowledge from him.”

Spring Zhang, Project Manager, TurboSquid