Here is how we approach doing a project with you...

We use a phased approach to understanding and addressing your company's needs, and consult closely with you at each step of the way to make sure that we are really solving your problem.

Understanding the problem

We begin by meeting with you to understand your business and technical needs, and how you define them in the context of your business.

Identifying the best solution

We then begin a phased process of clarifying requirements, possible solution approaches, a plan and a roadmap.  This phase provides you with plans that you can either have us implement, or have others or your own team implement, depending on the situation and your needs.  We are largely technology- and platform-neutral, able to recommend the components that best address your business and application requirements.  Typical quick solutions may use LAMP, WAMP, or .NET technologies.   Larger applications may require custom Java, .NET or C++ approaches.  Projects often involve application modernization, porting code or migrating data from legacy systems to current technology.

Implementation with regular review

Once you like the plan, we assemble technical talent to supplement your own staff as needed, and work together with you to implement your solution, using a combination of onsite, onshore and offshore talent to give you the best results.   One of our strengths is the ability to bring a diverse talent pool to bear on your project.   We handle the identification and enlistment of the needed talent and manage the project for you.  Regular review of progress and direction insures that we bring the project to successful integration into your business processes.

Handoff: training, support, and maintenance

Once the primary software development process is complete, we provide or arrange for whatever training, documentation, support services, and subseqeuent maintenance you may require.